Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday, May 28th 2009

when a guy asks you to suck his cock, how are you supposed to respond? seriously it is one of the most awkward questions ever.  so far i can remember three different guys asking me this question.. not at the same time obviously... and i have always had the same answer "not when you ask".  I think this takes me setting up the sanario that this constantly happens in. usually on a couch or a bed, making out and what not, being so sweet and nice and then all the sudden BAM! SUCK MY COCK! SUCK MY COCK! SUCK MY MOTEHR FUCKING COCK!! like those frickin birds in finding nemo. like seriously why would you even ask.  so you know what i have to say to that now? the more you ask, the longer youll have to wait. because seriously what girl in their right mind wants to suck a penis anyway, its not like youre getting anything out of it and when it comes down to it, penis is actually pretty nasty.  guys love them, girls could live with out them just like football and little party wenies.